About Me & My Blog

Photo on 12-4-13 at 7.24 PM #2


Thank you for visiting my blog! I’m Annalisa and I decided to start this blog to share all (or most) of my DIY projects. I’ve always been an artist. I use to draw flowers and portraits of people and share them with my family. I started crafting in 5th grade. I distinctly remember the first time I made an original craft. It was one of the best memories I had. You never really forget the moments you discover a passion.

Anyways, I started sharing some of my crafts with my friends and showing them the methods of my madness. Some thought it was cool and others thought I was strange, but I loved the fact that I could make something out of my own two hands.

Some of the crafts I do I picked up from friends and family. Some I just learned on the internet. To this day I’m always proud of my creations. I hope that you become inspired to make a work of art too!

To see all of my crafts and baking (even stuff I don’t post on here) visit my Instagram!

To see all of the patterns and DIY projects I like, check out my Pinterest Page!


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